The Placement Cell is dedicated in assisting all the companies affiliated with the college and utilizing the cell's service to conduct their internship drives during the internship season in a timely, hassle-free, prudent, and mutually beneficial manner. It assists students in finding the best internships available. Students get exposure to corporate culture. They learn how the corporate system works. They also get work experience, research experience, access to a variety of tasks and departments, create a professional networks, secure good references, and recommendations, transition to a permanent job, critical thinking, career- & self- development.


  • To create an opportunity for students to apply the theoretical knowledge to practical experience.
  • To build industry connect to the students.
  • To expose them to the current working condition of the organizations.
  • To help them build the problem-solving ability.
  • To innovate new techniques of management, to implement in their personal and professional growth.