Life at SIMS


Journey at SIMS was ever memorable. It has nurtured and groomed me for the corporate world. It has excellent infrastructure facilities and systematic process that helps one to grow both professionally and personally. I strongly acknowledge that SIMS is a place where in one can be molded to become a good person. I sincerely thank my parents, Director, Faculties at SIMS without whose guidance I would not have been what I am today. Thank you SIMS.

LekhaIV Semester(Batch 2010-2012)

The day I joined MBA at SIMS, I was in a dilemma thinking as to how my two years is going to be in college. However, as college started with the Orientation programme, it helped me in getting to know my classmates better, and in the days to go I got a wonderful set of friends.

The lecturers were very friendly. They were always there to guide us throughout the way and they never made us feel out of place.

As time passed, we became a family where all of us worked together during our college fest, assignments, presentation etc. These two years of MBA at SIMS has molded me into a better person. I thank my dear lecturers for their support and friends who were always by my side. I feel blessed to be a part of SIMS. Now that we are almost graduating, we have lot of campus placements happening. In the last two months, around 40 companies have come to test our skills and embrace us into their corporate world.

Syed Eliyas AhmedIV Semester(Batch 2010-2012)

Quality education is all what every college speaks and promises in the present day. But unfortunately very few colleges actually deliver them, at SIMS education has always been "best above the rest" knowing the very fact that books are not only the way of learning, the college has taken immense efforts to see to it that each & every students gets maximum possible exposure in practical field too. Looking at my personal point of view the faculty in the SIMS are excellent, very friendly & helpful with any kind of problem a student may encounter. SIMS has not only kept its promise of quality but it has also provided its uniqueness by providing the best of everything.

Mukta SharmaII Semester(Batch 2011-2013)

I am glad to share the feelings of being a part of the college. All the students who join the college are immune of all positive, motivational and inspirational thoughts built up by each lecturer. Our college is having such knowledgeable and intellectual lecturers who enhance the student mobility to understand and develop their own leadership qualities so that they can achieve their career goals and elaborate their way of looking towards every upcoming opportunity eventually. It is not just our lecturers but also when it comes to our library, as someone has rightly said, "A house without books is like a room without windows. No man has a right to bring up children without surrounding them with books.... Children learn to read being in the presence of books". Therefore, in our library, you can let books be your dining table and you shall be full of delights. Even the canteen facilities are up to the mark as per everyone requirement.

Shivani RathoreII Semester(Batch 2011-2013)

I am a student of MBA second semester. Seshadripuram Institute of Management Studies is one of the few B-schools in India that has taken an initiative in creating new knowledge. Excellent infrastructure and good academics. The faculty is the backbone of the institution. They are fountainheads of management knowledge, management practices, soft skills, communication and personality development. The campus is very nice and is equipped with Wi-Fi facility.

SIMS ensures personal attention to all its students. The teachers here are extremely friendly and ever ready to help the students. The ambience at SIMS is very encouraging to mould student's personality. As a student, I know how important they are in a student's life. SIMS has the best blend of faculty coupled with excellent resource materials. The student centric activities in Value Addition Programme provide us great exposure to the corporate world and make us more confident. The interaction with industry experts is truly priceless. They share their experiences first hand, which gives us a glimpse of the world outside. Students at SIMS are exposed to different facets of the corporate world through various activities.

SukruthII Semester(Batch 2011-2013)

With a perfect management institution like SIMS, you can become an actual professional from day one. It has been such an enjoyable journey here. We are given tremendous opportunities to participate in many extracurricular activities, skill development and orientation programmes. The lecturers here are supportive and help us gain knowledge thoroughly. I have enjoyed my life here throughout the two semesters and am looking forward for the next two more semesters. Overall, being a part of SIMS has helped me grow a lot intellectually and to be a perfect professional for the present corporate world.