SIMS Alumni

Rashmitha R

My association with SIMS has been a wonderful experience. SIMS has several strengths and one such strength is the faculty who provide immense guidence and support to the students. Each and every student is groomed by a separate mentor who motivates students to go ahead and realise their dreams. SIMS is one of the few Colleges which provides several VAP which has been certified by well recognised institutions apart from the MBA degree. And I'm privileged to be a student of this college.

SIMS Alumni

S. Sandeep Kumar

Batch: 2004- 2006

Currently Working: Hewlett Packard

specialization: MBA- HR & Marketing

Designation: Managing Director - Sharavathi Business Services Pvt. Ltd. CEO/President - Infinity Intellectuals Inc.

My experience at SIMS has been till date a memorable one - as the MBA Degree has thought me to become a entrepreneur & manage my resources aptly.

Today, I can proudly say that due to the activities that we undertook at our MBA program, is directly having a positive effect on my approach & the way we conduct our business.

SIMS Alumni

Prashanth Adkar Hoovappa

Batch: 2005- 2007

Currently Working: Aricent Group

specialization: MBA- HR & Marketing

Designation: Lead Executive - Business Operations Group

Best Student and Learning Life Experience. It is a great pleasure to be a part of SIMS and actively take part in the yearly activities. SIMS Alumni is continuously growing and making noise on the run. Wish all the Best and hope the Alumni gets stronger every year.

SIMS Alumni

Reenu Raghunathan

Batch: 2005- 2007

Currently Working: RAK BANK Dubai (UAE )

specialization: MBA- HR & Finance

Designation: Senior HR Generalist

It was really a great experience where I learned to dream about the future. When you work hard to achieve your goals, nobody can stop you from achieving it. The exposure I got from SIMS really helped me to be a confident person in my professional life. I would like to thank SIMS especially my professors.

Thanks to the Alumni Association where we have, the chance to stay connected with our former fellow students as well as to make use of the offers for professional and scientific further education.

SIMS Alumni

Lad Bhavin Harish

Batch: 2009- 2011


specialization: MBA- HR & MARKETING

Designation: Purchase Specialist

I was the only student in my batch (2009-2011) from Gujarat. Being in a totally new place, staying and interacting with different people was a wonderful experience in SIMS personally as well as professionally. SIMS has a highly qualified teaching staff with down to earth approach. In my 2 years at SIMS, I did not feel that I was away from home. It is one of the best institutes to study at. I would like thank the Principal, Director and the Faculty members for their concerned and never lasting effort for making us a better citizen of India.