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Seshadripuram Institute of Management Studies Alumni

Welcome to Seshadripuram Institute of Management Studies – Master of Business Administration. The institute has earned a reputation of excellence and leadership in diverse fields such as academics, sports, brand manager, sales manager, digital marketing manager, data analytics, accountant, consulting, banking and finance, event management, business operations, human resource and so on. The college has completed two decades of MBA journey, started in the year 2001 with an intake of 40 students, at present the college intake is 180 students. Since the year of inception 1800 students have passed out with flying colours and have spread all across the world with good position at various levels of organization.

SIMS alumni consist of group of former students who come together to network, socialize and support the institution.

The mission of an alumnus is to maintain and strengthen the relationship between former students and present batch students. The mission is achieved through various activities such as reunions, networking events and mentorship programs. It also serves as a platform for alumni to exchange ideas, share career experiences and offer guidance to current students.

Motto: “REUNITE”

Alumni serve as ambassadors for promoting the college reputation, contributing to admission efforts and enhancing the value of the institution. Alumni play a crucial role in various academic programs and initiatives.

Core Values

SIMS Alumni inculcates the following core values in all the activities that there are conducted

  • Diversity – Recognizing the achievement of Alumni from various fields and valuing them.
  • Innovation – Striving to be an industry leader in alumni relations through creativity.
  • Continuous improvement – Changing behaviour of individuals with proper directions and motivation.
  • Loyalty – Attachment towards the institution

Purpose of Alumni

  • 1. The main objective of SIMS Alumni is to bring the entire alumnus under one roof and one platform by creating a strong network.
  • 2. To create a forum to build continuous relation for exchange of information among its members.
  • 3. To enhance career development and guidance.
  • 4. To exchange professional knowledge, organize technical conference, seminar, workshop and training course for the students.
  • 5. To arrange get together of the alumni and social/cultural functions of the alumni.
  • 6. To undertake to organize activities of a civic nature to increase public awareness in the economic and social development of the nation.
  • 7. To encourage the Alumni to take an active part in conducting programs to the institute so as to contribute towards enhancement of the institution core values.
  • 8. To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the Alumni and the present students of SIMS and between the Alumni themselves.

Benefits to Alumni

  • Alumni are welcomed to co-ordinate and conduct guest lecture, workshops, conference etc.,
  • It provides opportunity to conduct exchange of thoughts, ideas, give valuable inputs to present batch of students.
  • Motivating alumni to conduct sports and cultural events for the students.
  • Giving encouragement to form the association by taking the lead towards academic and as well non – academic excellence.
  • Provides platform for promoting achievements of alumni’s with the help of newsletter for their future endowment.
  • It also helps in organizing campus drive in the form of placement and internship for the present students.

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An alumnus is a great way for graduates to maintain a lifelong connection with their college. By bringing together former students, it fosters a sense of community and provides opportunities for networking, professional growth and personal development. Additionally, it plays a vital role in supporting the institution’s mission and objectives for a longer period after its students have graduated.