Resource Publisher Subject Coverage
J-Gate Social Sciences and Management, Arts and Humanities
N-List Annual Reviews (33 Titles) Economics, Financial Economics, Organizational Behavior
Economic and Political Weekly (1 Title) Archives 1966 – Present
Indian Journals (250+Titles) Academicia: International Multidisciplinary Research Journal, AI-Barkaat Journal of Finance and Management
Arth Prabandh: Journal of Economics and Management, Asian Journal of Management, Asian Journal of Research in Banking and Finance, Asian Journal of Research in Business Economics and Management, Asian Journal of Research in Marketing, BULMIM Journal of Management and Research, Delhi Business Review, Economic Affairs, IIMS Journal of Management Science, Excel International Journal of Multidisciplinary Management Studies
FOCUS: Journal of International Business, IITM Journal of Management and IT, Indian Journal of Economics and Development, International Journal in Management and Social Sciences, International Journal of Advanced Research in Management and Social Sciences, International Journal of Management IT and Engineering, International Journal of Marketing and Technology, International Journal of Research in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
ITIHAS: Journal of Indian Management
JIMS8M: Journal of Indian Management and Strategy, Journal of Commerce and Management Thought, Journal of Income and Wealth, Journal of Information Management, Journal of Management and Public Policy, Journal of Management Research, Journal of Management Research and Analysis, LBS Journal of Management and Research
MANTHAN: Journal of Commerce and Management
MUDRA: Journal of Finance and Accounting, Parikalpana: KIIT Journal of Management
PRAGATI: Journal of Indian Economy, Pranjana: Journal of Management Awareness, SAARJ Journal on Banking and Insurance Research, Siddhant-Journal of Decision Making, SMART Journal of Business Management Studies, South Asian Journal of Marketing and Management Research, Sumedha Journal of Management, Clarion-International Multidisplinary Journal, Training and Development Journal, TRANS Asian Journal of Marketing and Management Research(TAJMMR)
VISION: Journal of Indian Taxation, ZENITH International Journal of Business Economics and Management Research.
Oxford University Press (206 Titles) Cambridge Journal of Economics, Cambridge Journal of Regions,Economy and Society, Capital Markets Law Journal, CESifo Economic Studies, Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, Economic Journal, Economic Policy, Economic Journal, Environmental Affairs, Environmental History, European Review of Economic History, Foreign Policy Analysis, International Affairs, International Journal of Economic Law, Journal of Consumer Research, Oxford Economic Papers, Oxford Review of Economic Policy
JSTOR Business, Finance, Marketing and Advertising, Development Studies, Labor and Employment Relations, Economics, Management and Organisational Behavior