Seshadripuram Institute of Management Studies

Seshadripuram Institute of Management Studies


What is it to be an MBA student?
We share our student experiences and take you through a journey as they pass through the phase of honing their skills and fine-tuning their career goals. You can experience the rigour involved in transforming ordinary mindsets into world-class leaders. The students are involved in a range of activities that transcend classroom learning and equip them to make a positive difference to the organization and the people they work with.

Being the faculty's adored batch, it has inspired them to impart knowledge. It becomes a privilege on our part to present such Students who are honest, dedicated and optimistic towards the corporate world.

For an institution, students have cherished long in its memory, as the college takes all the necessary steps to turn these students into winners. Students are like an idol sculptured with gems, each so precious that every individual has a unique value.

Students have also taken keen interest in sports and cultural activities along with their academics. This is well substantiated in the outstanding results and the various prizes they have won in inter collegiate fests. The faculties have taken care to shape each individual student by continuous counselling.