Seshadripuram Institute of Management Studies

Seshadripuram Institute of Management Studies

Welcome From Director of Studies

Seshadripuram Institute of Management Studies (SIMS) is the premier school of management and business administration studies of Seshadripuram Educational Trust (SET). SET has eight decades of distinguished tradition in managing educational institutions ranging from pre-school to post graduation and research. With 26 institutions teaching 20000 students and employing close to 1000 personnel, the role played by the SET in the educational renaissance of free India is phenomenal.

SET's flagship management and business administration school, SIMS, offers MBA, MPhil and PhD courses to students aspiring for a career in these areas.

The SIMS CAMPUS - distinguished for its natural charm and verdant vegetation - is situated in Bengaluru, within a stone's throw of the international airport. Centrally located and easily accessible by road, rail or air from anywhere in the city, the SIMS campus has an exquisite environment which is conducive to learning, research, creativity and empowerment. The campus is an invigorating delight to the eye and the mind alike.

SIMS is affiliated to Bengaluru University (BU) and approved by the AICTE. We teach the CURRICULUM prescribed by the BU gearing it to impart managerial, problem solving, decision making and communication skills, hands-on experience and analytical acumen. Our FACULTY has proven academic achievements, rich experience and exposure to the corporate world. We have a well-stocked LIBRARY of management and business administration books and journals (print and e -journals) and inspiring classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art communication facilities.

SIMS's ethos of creativity and intellectual excitement is the outcome of an educational experience rooted in the millennia-old culture of our nation, and the SET's thrust on reaching out to all sections of society and expanding across emerging realms of education. Our value system combines academic excellence, social accountability, ethical responsibility and dedication. Our aim: to share this vision and experience with our students.

For future managers, the corporate world has daunting challenges, posed by recurring convulsions in economies around the world, economic meltdown and fierce competition. Firm moorings and a strong foundation are a must to take on these challenges, besides grit in adversity and a determination to go up the corporate ladder. At SIMS, we empower our students to take on their future challenges and chart their career trajectory.

I have great pleasure to welcome you to the experience of studying at SIMS.

Dr. M. PRAKASH Director of Studies