Seshadripuram Institute of Management Studies

Seshadripuram Institute of Management Studies

Industry - Academia Interface

SIMS has a synergistic relationship with the industry. We have moved beyond the phenomenon of 'working with employers' towards the concept of 'working with partners'. This collaborative effort between the two has been dynamic and rewarding. It has helped the students to get a continuous update on the challenges in the corporate world and teachers also get an opportunity to enhance their teaching-learning process.

The programmes under the gambit of the Industry-Academia interface are:

  • Guest -lecture series

    Eminent personalities from varied industry sectors have visited the campus to speak to students on wide-ranging topics. The students indulge in Q&A sessions for an in-depth interaction. Guest lectures are fortnightly affairs at the Institute.

  • Industrial visits

    Every semester, the students visit different companies to understand all facets of business. Right from procurement of raw materials to final dispatch of goods out of the factory, the students are exposed to all strategic-decision making areas in a company.

  • Workshops and seminars

    Based on industry requirements and curricula, the Institute organizes several workshops and seminars to students on vibrant and evolving topics. Corporate representatives and researchers actively participate to deliberate the current issues.

  • Internships and dissertation projects

    Students have an excellent opportunity to directly associate with companies of their choice while doing their internships and dissertation projects. A minor research work is taken up on specialized topics pertaining to the company and an in-depth study is made with the support of the Faculty Mentor.

  • Research and consultancy projects

    The Institute has taken up initiatives to involve the students in research and consultancy projects that help students understand the nuances of the real corporate world. These activities are undertaken through Seshadripuram Research Foundation.

    Seshadripuram Research Foundation is a recognized Research Centre for Rayalseema Univeristy and Tumkur University.