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BAALE MANE - A Case of Social Responsibility of SIMS Students

Baale Mane (literally, "Girls Home") at Gopalapura is a home for around 65 orphan girls between the age eight and fifteen. It is situated on the outskirts of the city of Bengaluru, India. It was founded in 2001 by Praspara Trust, an NGO dedicated to the eradication of child labour system. At present, it is owned by The Baale Trust which provides shelter & a loving home for girl children.

The girls in Baale Mane have been rescued from domestic service, found homeless in the streets by volunteers & others have been given shelter having been arrested by the police on the streets.

SIMS students visited Baale Mane on 13th November 2011. It is remembered by them as a memorable day. It is a pure case of Social Responsibility activity of SIMS students. Their day began with the cake cutting session in the morning. The next day was Children's Day so the students of SIMS wanted it to be memorable for Baale Mane children. The Girls at Baale Mane were highly excited as they hadn't celebrated children's day in the recent past. In order to motivate & boost up the children, SIMS students conducted activities such as Mehendhi Competition, Drawing, Singing, Rangoli, Musical chair, Balancing the balloon & so on. The winners of every competition were awarded with gifts as a token of appreciation. They distributed new clothes, books and stationery items to the girls out of their donations. They could see the happiness reflected in the girls' face.

After spending the whole day in such a fruitful manner, students of SIMS were filled with a sense of satisfaction. They felt proud for doing something to the needy. They felt great for being responsible citizens. This visit of SIMS students to Baale Mane was highly appreciated by the Director and faculty of SIMS.