The Seshadripuram Institute of Management Studies Alumni Association has been formally inaugurated on 12th May 2007. The long cherished desire of the students to come back to their alma mater has been achieved.

In an era of networking and collaboration, it is the alumni support, which is definitely a value addition for any institution destined to move towards excellence. Thus, the inauguration was a tremendous success.
The first annual meet called “SPARSHA” had more than 120 alumni from various disciplines. Subsequently it was decided to meet every year in the month of April/May. So far 2 events at various levels have been held with grand success, the alumni keep on posting information about variety of issues. It is a nice thing to hear from the alumni about the institution when they have gone out of it.

The alumni have achieved several distinctions, but many of them do not inform us. These distinctions include the best managers that our institution has given to the corporate world. The demand for the Management Studies is increasing though the general trend is otherwise. The students who are into their doctoral degrees are yet another encouraging factor. In all the specializations of MBA, our alumni have excelled in various forms.

The alumni have been constantly informed about the events and celebrations. You're welcome to transmit your views and ideas to improve this association’s function effectively.

Your constant support would take the alumni activity to newer heights.

Come back to campus, enrich the endeavour. If you can, yes we can!

“The seed of future is in the past.
The stronger the past, the better is the future.”

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